Silent drive

Greater peace through silent cruising

Treat yourself to the peace and quiet you deserve. The main advantage of the Fischer Panda diesel-electric drive is that the drive is nearly silent when operating with the battery. All that you will hear are the sounds of nature. There is nothing better than cruising silently and listening to the sound of birds. The one question you will ask yourself again and again, ‘is the motor running?’ Noises are minimal even when the generator is
switched on.

Enjoy the natural environment without disturbance

Sound levels of a 30 kW drive noise in decibels

Pure electric cruising 52db
Cruising with generator 64db
Diesel engine 72db

When cruising with the batteries only, the noise level due to the drive shaft is about 52 dB. Even when the generator is running, noise levels of about 64 dB are still very low because of the Fischer Panda generator’s sound shield.

This dramatically improves comfort on board. People can perceive changes to sound levels by 1 dB under certain conditions. A 10 dB change equates to a doubling or halving of the perceived sound level.