Tomorrow‘s technology available now

Climate change is currently one of the biggest issues facing us. Whether it is caused by people or naturally caused, an urgent re-think in the field of drive systems is required. The electric drive is an emission-free and clean alternative to the internal combustion engine!

Even though low battery capacity limits 'battery only' cruising at high speeds to a very short distance, the range increases overproportionately when cruising at lower speeds. By combining both, Fischer Panda offers a competitive alternative to the conventional combustion engine.

Lower speeds are supplied by the battery and the additional performance required at high speeds can be supplied by a generator. Range problems are now a thing of the past.

Better for the environment...

...using an electric motor instead of a combustion engine

  • 0% Emissions
  • 100% Power

Increased range...

...from sufficient energy

An extremely quiet Fischer Panda electrical generator supplies power for the electric motor and electrcial applances when required.