Fischer Panda 360 V "EasyBox HV" High Voltage Drive System

Fischer Panda GmbH can also supply high-voltage systems with up to 100 kW of mechanical power. These high voltage and high-power propulsion systems are based on the EasyBox "Plug & Play" concept.

With the extended power range up to 100 kW at 360 V DC, Fischer Panda GmbH can meet the demands of yacht owners with 40 t displacement or more - if used as parallel-hybrid drive in combination with a large combustion engine. Two electric motors can be attached to one drive shaft in parallel using a gear-box.

Almost all types of batteries can be used with Fischer Panda’s propulsion systems. Fischer Panda GmbH are also planning larger systems that operate without batteries, using only a DC generator as power source.

Robust and professionally engineered, the S1 certified motors and components make the Fischer Panda systems perfectly suitable for small public transportation ferries, commercial working vessels as well as privately owned leisure yachts. Fischer Panda exclusively constructs with water-cooled components.

  • Shaft motors 50 / 100 kW
  • Podded underwater motors up to 80 kW

50 kW electric shaft drive

100 kW Electric shaft motor

360 V System - example layout