Whisperprop - The next Generation

Fischer Panda has succeeded in bringing the advantages and possibilities of the diesel electric drive from large ships to smaller commercial and recreational vessels.

The new Whisperprop Drive Systems are designed for boat owners wanting to experience electric cruising. Fully 100% battery, parallel hybrid and generator supported systems are available whether you just want to cruise, support your ship's diesel or power a complete electrical system.

Premium Drive Systems
Complete - ONE-STOP supply
Quiet - quiet operation and perfect manoeuvrability
Lifestyle - and passion thanks to state-of-the-art architecture

Premium Performance
High quality - for high safety demands by redundancy
Professional support - commissioning and in-house-training

Premium Concepts
48V EasyBox System - 3.8 kW - 40 kW for house boats and small yachts up to 10 ton
Parallel hybrid drive for EasyBox - THE innovative solution (also for superyachts)

Premium Enjoyment
Enjoy quiet cruising

... quiet, comfortable with hours and hours of energy.

The systems are battery based so that a wide range of performances can be covered. A battery bank with sufficient capacity is used to power the electrical drives, system electrics, air conditioning and other domestic electrical appliances. Fischer Panda diesel generators supply energy to the battery bank keeping it charged. Manoeuvring difficulties (especially in the lower speed range) are solved using dynamic permanent magnet motors with very high thrust. The batteries can also be recharged when sailing by dragging the propeller. The Fischer Panda drive systems are available with 48V.