Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it for me?

Initial investment is covered over the long term.

The hybrid drive system is a system that is not only responsible for the drive system but also for the complete supply of energy on board so it has to ensure a continuous power supply. When comparing the Hybrid Drive System with a conventional drive and including an external power system with generator + control, the hybrid drive system is even more favourable in the long term just from the fuel savings alone.

Reduced Costs

From one litre of diesel it is possible to produce three kilowatt hours (kWh) kWh of energy. It is possible to refuel at the harbour at a reduced cost or even free of charge with a Hybrid Drive System. It pays off in the long term.

Low maintenance costs

The diesel generator in a hybrid drive system is used far less than the engine in a diesel-only setup. Maintenance costs are reduced further because an electric motor is virtually maintenance free.

Can I test drive the system?

Yes, we have all our systems onboard boats in Holland and Germany. Please contact us if you are interested in testing the 'electric crusiing' experience.

Paderborn, Germany

10 kW Drive System

Edersee, Germany

10 kW Drive System


37 foot Motor yacht 2x30kW

We are also at major tradeshows and events in Holland and Germany.

Will the system fit in my boat?

Individual room solutions

Space on board is very limited. The question will arise as to whether the system could ever fit in your boat. The advantage of the Hybrid Drive System is that it consists of components that can be installed wherever space is available. The space of the boat can be utilized optimally. It is possible to install the generator even in the boat’s centre. This offers a wide range of installation variations.

What support can I expect?

Professional advice and after- sales service

Of course we will assist you right from the planning stage. Our competent team of professionals are available to consult and offer you advice. We also support you afterwards with a full after-sales service.

SOS-24/7 Hotline

We provide a 24/7 contact service in the event of generator problems or urgent requests of any kind (Tel. No. +49 5254 9202-767 - SOS on a key-operated telephone).

Worldwide Service and Sales Network

Fischer Panda has trained specialists worldwide which form a coordinated network of distributors, dealers and service stations. They will provide you with advice, support and recommend the best service stations depending on the location of your vessel. They can help you with the organization and coordination of resources and spares, so you get the best service - wherever you are. The Global Service Directory (PDF) can be downloaded from the company website.